What is a Combined Campaign?

  1. A number of umbrella fundraising organizations ("partners") jointly solicit your employees.

  2. One campaign, one set of volunteer coordinators and solicitors, one kick-off, one report of results.

  3. Single pledge card and a single set of materials per employee describing the participating partners.

  4. One hundred percent of donations are forwarded directly to the partner organization.

  5. Partners reflect diverse interests and life experiences of employees.

Combined Campaigns are fast becoming the wave of the future in workplace giving. They provide a wide range of giving options for giving in a cost efficient manner. And they are easy to administer.

Why a Combined Campaign?

Workplace campaigns are the most cost-effective way of raising funds from a large population of individuals. Because individuals are three to five times more generous when they give through their paycheck, and because employees do most of the solicitation and collection, workplace giving represents a much needed slice of the fundraising pie.

The combined campaign provides employees with greater choice in how to allocate their charitable dollars, and allows the full range of nonprofits to benefit from workplace solicitation and payroll deductions. And it's simple to administer.

Companies that adopt the combined campaign format are finding that employees like having a choice among the United Way, its Donor Choice program, and other fundraising organizations. And they are learning that the change is easy to make. With one single campaign and one set of materials, companies are opening up worlds of choice for employees.

For information about starting a combined campaign at your company, contact the Center for Responsible Funding via e-mail at info@responsiblefunding.org.

Campaigns Managed by CRF

University of Pennsylvania

Penn's Way Campaign

University of Pennsylvania and University of Pennsylvania Health Systems' employees continue to establish Penn as a trendsetter in health, academics, civic service, social service, and philanthropy. With heartfelt endorsement from the President's office, dedicated Co-Chairs, enthusiastic volunteers, compelling incentives, and sophisticated technology, Penn is a beacon for combined workplace campaigns.

The Penn's Way Campaign Enjoys the Support of three Campaign Management Organizations (Center for Responsible Funding, Penn Medicine, and United Way).

The Center for Responsible Funding assists the University on behalf of eight of our partner umbrella organizations. They are:

      • AIDS Fund

     • America's Charities   

     • Bread & Roses Community Fund

     • Community Health Charities of the Northeast

     • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund

     • EarthShare Pennsylvania

     • Global Impact

     • WOMEN’S WAY

Each of these umbrella organizations is established for the purpose of providing resources to their constituent organizations and communities; each does so in an efficient and effective manner.


Drexel University

Dragon Drive Campaign

Dragon Drive is the annual workplace giving campaign for Drexel University and Drexel University College of Medicine employees. During the fall, faculty and staff are able conveniently make tax deductible contributions to support the agencies of their choice.

The Center for Responsible Funding assists the University on behalf of the five umbrella organizations that are featured as “spotlight organizations.” They are:

     • AIDS Fund

     • Bread & Roses Community Fund

     • Delaware Valley Legacy Fund

     • EarthShare Pennsylvania

     • WOMEN’S WAY

The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, United Way California Capital Region, and United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania also participate in Drexel’s Workplace Campaign as “spotlight organizations.”